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  1. Eheim Skim Marine Protein Skimmer

    Advantages of EHEIM skim marine 100 Nano

    • For small marine water aquariums up to approx. 100 l
    • New 2-chamber-system, higher efficiency
    • High skim performance
    • Small and compact design
    • Can be securely fixed in the aquarium
    • Easy installation with magnetic holder
    • Can be completely disassembled for cleaning  
    • Extremely silent due to the lime wood diffuser – easy to replace
    • Natural marine plankton is not destroyed
    • High quality with 3 years warranty
    • EHEIM air100 required for operation
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  2. Eheim Surface Skimmer Skim 350 Code-3536

    Smaller surface skimmer for aquariums up to 350 l.

    • Removes surface films and microorganisms from the water surface
    • Promotes therefore proper gas exchange
    • For both long term and temporary usage
    • Quick installation -  easy to fix
    • to the pane via suction cups
    • Only 5 Watt power consumption
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  3. Hydor Performer Universal Recirculating Protein Skimmer
    As low as ₹17,200.00
    • Low Noise, Low energy consumption
    • Adjustable flow return for versatility in skimmer placement
    • Collection cup drainage system included
    • Foaming pump(s) included
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  4. Hydor Slim Skim Nano Performer Skimmer
    As low as ₹13,000.00
    • Energy efficient, only uses 4 watts of energy
    • Includes Patented Magnet-Suction Cup mounting system
    • Adjustable air control and foaming level
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