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  1. Continuum Flora•Viv Iodine Liquid For Marine Aquarium QFVI
    As low as ₹550.00
    • Reef•Basis Iodide is a stabilized, safe iodide supplement, designed to nourish organisms that require iodine.
    • It is particularly useful for soft corals of all kinds, particularly xenia, as well as gorgonians, hard corals, tunicates, marine worms such as feather dusters, sponges, macroalgae, and crustaceans, particularly shrimp.
    • Growth rates in xenia and gorgonians will likely improve with it's use
    • It helps all corals and clams retain their coloration and shield against strong lighting. Reef•Basis Iodide contains no gluconate or polygluconate.
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  2. prodibio biodigest 30
    • BioDigest is effective in both fresh water and marine water tanks and is a concentrated bacterial solution which biologically filters and eliminates aquarium waste.
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  3. Continuum Aquatics Coral Exponential Growth Accelerator & Amino Acid Complex For Live Coral & Reef Aquaria 500ml - QCEX500
    • Coral Exponential is a breakthrough product. 
    •  It encourages new coral tissue growth and increased coloration, by providing solubilized proteins as amino acids and lipids including important omega fatty acids in correct ratios for accelerated growth of live corals and other invertebrates.
    •  It is particularly useful for corals that have been damaged in shipping, injured, grazed upon or that have been subject to bleaching in that it makes the job of nutrient uptake and tissue repair much easier for the animal. 
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  4. Continuum Aquatics Coral Elements N Coral Vitamins 250ml-QCEN250
    • Coral Elements•N vitamin and mineral micronutrient complex replaces crucial minor and trace minerals lost to carbon filtration, protein skimming and ozone and provides essential vitamins for growth of live corals and other invertebrates. 
    • It contains no heavy metals, phosphates, silicates, gluconates, or polygluconates.
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  5. Continuum Captiv•Phos Fe Phosphate Remover 300 G-QCPFE300
    • Reef•Basis - Captiv Phos Fe is a supreme quality, granular ferric oxide based filtration medium particularly selected for sensitive aquarium environments.
    • It is designed to remove free phosphates and silicates that can act as a fertilizer for unwanted algae or diatoms, directly from the water and will also remove phosphate bearing dissolved organics.
    •  It will not kill algae and does not contain any algaecides. It is safe for all marine and freshwater life.
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  6. Continuum Aquatics Bio Viv M MultiVitamin Supplement for Marine Fish 250ml-QBVM250
    • Bio•Viv M vitamin complex provides essential vitamins for growth and health of marine fishes, live corals and other invertebrates.
    • It is fortified with excellent algae extracts that provide micro-nutrients not present in competing products. 
    • . It does not require refrigeration, but refrigeration after opening will prolong its shelf life significantly. Bio•Viv M contains no glycerin, polysorbates or sugars.
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  7. Continuum Bio Viv•HUFA Vitamin Supplement For Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium 250 Ml-QBVH250
    • Bio•Viv HUFA essential lipid and vitamin complex provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA for growth and health of all fishes.
    •  It is particularly recommended for fish suffering from HLLE, head and lateral line erosion as a dietary supplement, and for immune system support.
    • No medicinal claims are made for this use. 
    •  It is designed to work with Bio•Viv M or F multivitamin and results will be enhanced by simultaneous use
    • It does not require refrigeration, but refrigeration after opening will prolong its shelf life significantly. 
    •  Bio•Viv HUFA contains no glycerin, polysorbates or sugars.

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  8. Continuum BacterGen•MD, 500 Ml-QBGMD500
    • BacterGen•MD is a breakthrough in microbial cultures and is specifically designed to establish anaerobic bacteria populations in denitrators and anoxic zones (those zones that are depleted in dissolved oxygen), such as internal pores in live rock and to establish anoxic slime layers within all zones, even within zones otherwise saturated with oxygen
    • BacterGen•MD does this by developing layers of bacterial slime to prevent oxygen availability to anaerobic microbes thereby encouraging denitration by conversion of nitrates to nitrogen gas. Whereas most competing products are designed primarily for freshwater aquariums, and most don't do much to address nitrate reduction, BacterGen•MD will quickly generate effective anoxic zones and encourage beneficial denitrifying bacterial populations in seawater.
    • Whereas competing products may increase the production of toxic hydrogen sulfide in the system, and denitrators, particularly those utilizing alcohol or sugar for fuel are known for hydrogen sulfide production, BacterGen•MD is non-sulfur fixing and will reduce hydrogen sulfide levels.
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  9. API Water Softener Pillow Size 5 Code-49A
    • API WATER SOFTENER PILLOW Aquarium Canister Filter Filtration Pouch 1-Count Bag
    • Softens hard water
    • Reduces general hardness by lowering calcium and magnesium
    • Easy-to-use pre-dosed pouch fits most canister filters on the market for freshwater aquariums
    • Use when starting or maintaining an aquarium when testing indicates hardness above the desired level, can be reused after it is recharged
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