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  1. Tetra Bits Complete Fish Food for Growth and Health, 300g/1000ml
    • Aquarium fish food
    • Maintains colour and shape of tropical fishes
    • Ingredients : fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extract, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, molluses and crustaceans, yeast, minerals, algae, oils and fats
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  2. Exotica Discusfood Grand Champion Fish Food (80 g)
    • For all discus and other demanding tropical fish
    • With bioactive formula
    • For health, colour and growth
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  3. Exotica Discusfood Day By Day Granulate (80 g)
    • Day by day granulate
    • Quantity: 80g
    • Prevents deficiency symptoms, thereby supporting the health of your fish
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  4. Exotica Discusfood Turkey Heart Fish Food (80 g)
    • For All Discus And Other Demanding Tropical Fish
    • With Bioactive Formula
    • For Health, Colour And Growth
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  5. Australian Blackworms Sinking Pellets, 82 Gm
    • Australian Blackworm Sinking Pellets are specially balanced aquatic food with high protein for tropical fish. Daily diet for all freshwater and marine fish.
    • Offering superior color enhancement while helping your pet retain their beauty year round
    • These slow sinking pellets are processed from blackworms (lumbriculus variegatus) and fortified with the finest ingredients and vital vitamins. The fish get more healthy and their growth rate improves .
    • Suitable for all freshwater and most of the marine fish
    • Weight: 82 Grams
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  6. Hikari Crab Cuisine Pellets 50g-Code-27309
    1. This uniquely balanced formulation offers necessary nutrients that promote proper shell development for necessary defense from predators.
    2. A rapidly sinking stick which allows most bottom feeding scavengers ready access and extended feeding.
    3. Promotes proper growth and form with a taste most bottom dwellers will love.
    4. Naturally offers higher levels of color enhancers which help develop true coloration.
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  7. Hikari Tropical Shrimp Cuisine Fish Food 10g Code-19404
    1. Contains vegetable matter herbivorous shrimp prefer, especially seaweed and spirulina.
    2. The carefully selected ingredient mix with added vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients offers those fundamental to proper ecdysis (shedding). Contains copper which is important for blood regeneration.
    3. Our proprietary manufacturing process helps us produce the world's smallest disc type pellet which is small enough for shrimp of all ages.
    4. Offers rapid assimilation, accelerated growth and proper form without clouding or negatively impacting your pet's environment.
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  8. Hikari Fancy Guppy Fish Food 22g code-22102
    1. Our proprietary technology helped us create a pellet that becomes soft quickly yet does not dissolve in water.
    2. This highly palatable diet is one your fish will eagerly devour and the ingredients encapsulated in each pellet guarantees your pet will get the whole nutrient package, always.
    3. The Micro-Coating™ eliminates nutrient leeching and water clouding.
    4. Includes krill, a natural source of astaxanthin, which is easily synthesized and promotes vibrant color.
    5. Contains seaweed, a natural source of iodine, which supports reproductive capacity.
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  9. Hikari Blood Red Parrot+ Floating Medium Pellet 333g-code-16333
    1. Blood-Red Parrot+™ is a revolutionary diet developed exclusively for use with Red Parrot where active color enhancement is desired. The inclusion of the Hikari-Germ™ promotes extremely efficient nutrient utilization while the balanced ingredient profile supports immune system health, desirable form, predicable growth, sufficient energy sources and improved coloration. Great for advanced hobbyists who want their Red Parrot to develop their full potential.
    2. The superior color enhancing effect derived from our scientifically developed, Hikari® Aquatic lab verified formula which includes chili Pepper, Phaffia Yeast, Krill, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin and Marigold Flower Meal (as a source of Lutein) helps your Red Parrot retain their true natural beauty year round.
    3. Offering a super-charged nutrient mix plus beneficial living microorganisms that promote rapid, fat-deposit-free growth and desirable form!
    4. Contains stabilized vitamin C which supports immune system health thereby allowing your pet their best chance at maintaining good long term health.
    5. Trust the originator of pelleted Cichlid diets, other premium aquatic diets and our more than 135 years of experience when you’re looking for the best options for your aquatic pets!
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