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  1. Eheim Aquarium Plant Tong
    As low as ₹1,100.00
    • For working in the aquarium – without wet hands 
    • Even difficult to access places are easy to reach
    • Use for cutting off dead parts of plants
    • Two lengths: 40 cm or 60 cm
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  2. Eheim Surface Skimmer Skim 350 Code-3536

    Smaller surface skimmer for aquariums up to 350 l.

    • Removes surface films and microorganisms from the water surface
    • Promotes therefore proper gas exchange
    • For both long term and temporary usage
    • Quick installation -  easy to fix
    • to the pane via suction cups
    • Only 5 Watt power consumption
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  3. Eheim Gravel Cleaner Set Code-4002510
    • Use for partial water changes
    • Integrated priming aid for a quick and hygienic start
    • Quick stop button, stops the water flow immediately
    • Hose clip, secures the hose safely in the bucket
    • Round edged triangular shape enables access even into corners
    • Comes complete with hose clip and EHEIM quality hose: length 582 mm but can be extended by using InstallationsSETs
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  4. Eheim Quick VacPro Auto Gravel Cleaner Code- 3531
    • For intermediate cleaning of gravel substrate between water changes
    • Bottom gravel hardly disturbed
    • Water flows back into the aquarium
    • Batteries included
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  5. Eheim Automatic Fish Feeder
    As low as ₹4,650.00

    Compact equipment with a feeding chamber; mainly for flake food 

    • Easy to understand programming
    • An additional programme for double feeding 
    • Actively aerated food chamber
    • Capacity ca. 100 ml 
    • Additional “snacks“ possible at the touch of a button 
    • Function keys are splash resistant
    • Warning system quickly indicates low battery level 
    • Including bracket for mounting on an open-top aquarium or terrarium 
    • Includes batteries
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