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  1. Eheim Compact Pump
    As low as ₹3,200.00

    Benefits of EHEIM compact aquarium pumps

    • Small pumps, easily concealable
    • Suction cups for fixing to aquarium glass
    • Wide range of applications
    • Can be fully submerged
    • Adjustable pump output
    • Very quiet
    • Low energy consumption
    • Protector (suction grill) – protects livestock and pump
    • Suitable for fresh and salt water
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  2. Eheim Powerhead Aqua Ball 650 Code-1212
    • The ball shaped pumphead sits in a ball joint and can be turned right round.
    • Thus the outflow of the filtered water can be aimed in any direction.
    • The pump output and throughflow can be set by the control knob  on the outflow nozzle.
    • The  power-diffusor is adjusted to regulate the air intake and thus the oxygen enrichment in the aquarium.  (Instead of the diffusor, other extension pieces can be used; see accessories)
    • The holder for aquaball is simply fixed to the glass with suction cups.
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  3. Hydor Circulation and wave Koralia Pump 3g 5000EU
    • Model- Koralia 5000
    • Power- 3.5w
    • flow rate - 5000 l/h
    • Fresh water from...to...-300-600l
    • Marine water from...to...-200-300l
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  4. Hydor Centrifugal Pump (PICO 600)
    • Adjustable flow rate. Ranges from almost 0 to 160 gph.
    • Suction cup mounting system for free positioning in aquariums and terrariums
    • Compatible with Hydor Flow Water Deflector
    • Compatible with 1/2 tubing on flow output"
    • Works with low water level
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  5. Hydor SELTZ Controllable Submersible Aquarium Water Universal Pump (Wet/Dry Pump)
    As low as ₹13,000.00
    • D-6000 W-60 , FLOW- 6000 lt/ h cable length mt- 2mt
    • D-9000 W-75 , FLOW- 9000 lt/ h cable length mt- 2mt
    • D-12000 W-90 , FLOW- 12000 lt/ h cable length mt- 2mt
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  6. Hydor Smart Water Level Controller Auto Top Off System
    • Smart Level is a Multifunctional, Wholly Electronic Water-Level Control System Designed by Hydor.
    • Using Evaporation, Smart Level Safely and Easily Manages the Aquarium and its Water Level.
    • It is Easy to Use Because It is Designed for the Differing Conditions Required by Saltwater and Freshwater, Depending on the Aquarium's Needs.
    • Smart Level Prevents Problems Caused by Limescale, Bacterial Film and Surface-Water Movement, Ing Continuous and Safe Functioning Over Time.
    • You Can Use all Pumps up to a Maximum Power of 50 W with Smart Level Control. Choose the Pump with a Flow Rate and Pressure That Meets the Intended Use. Please Note That the Ideal Pump is One That Fills Slowly But in Under 10 Minutes (The Maximum Time Permitted for Refilling).
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  7. Hydor Water Circulation Pump Submersible Wet & Dry Pump
    As low as ₹4,500.00
    • Model- 1200 & 2800
    • flow rate-1200l/h & 2800l/h
    • head h max- 195cm & 230cm
    • power-27w & 55w
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