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Here are some step-by-step tips for getting started in the fastest growing hobby in the world, fish keeping. These steps can help you to avoid many common mistakes and get you into a fish tank that you can live with and be proud of.

      1. Determine what kind of fish you want to keep.
        The first thing you should do when you decide to keep fish is determine what kind of fish you want to keep. Different kinds of fish will require different care, different conditions, different space, and different equipment. If you get your equipment before you decide what kind of fish you are getting, you may find yourself with inappropriate or unusable equipment or insufficient space for the fish you really want to be keeping in your aquarium. 
      2. Determine space.                    
        Now that you know a little more about the fish you wish to keep, you know how large of a fish tank you will need. Look through your home and select a location for your new aquarium. How much space can you allocate to the fish tank and accessories? Remember to account for space between the fish tank and the wall for filters, tubing, and/or cords.

Rectangular Aquarium

 - Enter the dimensions below -

US/UK Gallons         OR      Liters
Length - (inches)             (cm)
Width  - (inches)             (cm)
Height -  (inches)             (cm)


US gallons:             UK gallons:

Cylindrical   Aquarium

Enter the dimensions below -

US/UK Gallons        OR     Liters
Diameter - (Inches)       (cm)
Height  -    (Inches)       (cm)


US gallons:             Liters:
UK gallons:

Multi-sided (Hexagonal)  Aquarium

 - Enter the dimensions below -

US/UK Gallons           OR      Liters
Width of 1 side    (Inches)        (cm)
Number of sides  (Inches)        (cm)
Height  -              (Inches)        (cm)


US gallons:                  Liters:
UK gallons: