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  1. Eheim StreamON+ streaming pumps
    As low as ₹4,900.00

    Benefits of the EHEIM streaming pumps streamON+

    • Compact streaming pumps for aquariums from 35 to 500 l.
    • Suitable for both marine and fresh water
    • Optimum water circulation with a natural, smooth current formation
    • Increase of oxygen content and creation of nature like living conditions
    • Vital for corals in marine water; beneficial for fish in fresh water
    • Flexible positioning – horizontal or vertical
    • Swivelable up to 180° (3D adjustable)
    • Fixing with magnet bracket for glass thickness 3 – 8 mm and 6 - 12 mm
    • Outflow adjustable in small increments
    • Extremely quiet and very low maintenance
    • High efficiency with low energy use
    • Utmost safety and reliability (3 years guarantee)
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  2. Hydor Circulation and wave Koralia Pump 3g 5000EU
    • Model- Koralia 5000
    • Power- 3.5w
    • flow rate - 5000 l/h
    • Fresh water from...to...-300-600l
    • Marine water from...to...-200-300l
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  3. Hydor Koralia Smart Wave Controller
    • Promotes a healthy aquarium by recreating natural currents found in nature
    • Control many pumps with only 1 unit
    • Easy to use
    • Splash resistant
    • Built in hanger for wall or cabinet mounting
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